Differences between Bakuchiol & Retinol

Differences between Bakuchiol & Retinol

They say bakuchiol is the new Retinol, plus it comes without the common side effects and downsides. We all know the similarities between the two, being the amazing ability to heal the skin by treating all damage and signs of aging happening to the skin. But what about the differences that make Bakuchiol the new alternative of Retinol - Read more to find out!

  • Retinol is made artificially, whereas Bakuchiol is extracted naturally!
  • Retinol is a synthetic form of Vitamin A and is created by breaking down beta-carotene. Bakuchiol on the other hand is 100% plant based and is naturally extracted from the Babchi Plant. So the chemical compound and makeup of Retinol might be the reason why the use of it causes a number of side effects.

  • Retinol is not maternity friendly, but Bakuchiol is maternity friendly!
    When pregnant, women are encouraged not to ingest and apply Vitamin A excessively as it can cause defects during birth and also toxicity in livers. This is why pregnant women usually stay away from Vitamin A drugs and prescriptions during maternity. Retinol being a synthetic form of Vitamin A makes it unsafe for pregnant women to use. However, Bakuchiol is made naturally and is safe for maternity use. 

  • Retinol makes the skin photosensitive, while Bakuchiol can be used in the daytime!
  • Retinol use has always been accompanied by the fact that you can’t wear it under the sun. This is because Retinol helps with cell renewal and those new skin cells which have been produced, happen to be more thin and fine. So the newly renewed skin should not be exposed to direct sunlight, but this would not be the case when using Bakuchiol. Bakuchiol can be used on the skin day and night, which makes using it so versatile.

  • Retinol cannot be used with other active ingredients, but Bakuchiol can!
  • Retinol being a very active ingredient itself, should not be mixed with other active ingredients which help target the same skin issues. Some examples would be Vitamin C, Benzoyl Peroxide and Acids. By mixing Retinol and these types of skincare ingredients, you are bound to nullify the benefits of the ingredients or cause worse side effects. Instead, use Bakuchiol with other skincare products containing active ingredients, as Bakuchiol can be used in conjunction with them.

  • Retinol can irritate skin, whereas Bakuchiol can be used by all skin types!
  • Retinol being a very active ingredient, comes with a number of side effects. Some of them are redness, dryness and also itchiness. The list of side effects are much longer for those with sensitive skin and to use it, one must take a lot of caution. Why bother with the hassle and just use Bakuchiol instead - It helps boost cellular turnover just like Retinol while being gentle and nourishing to the skin. Anybody with any skin type can add Bakuchiol to their skincare routine, even sensitive skin types. 

    BAKUCHIOL IS THE NEW RETINOL! Say goodbye to Retinol and get your hands onto our Bakuchiol Skin Booster, and experience glowy, healthy skin without any side effects!

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