The Ultimate Guide to Double Cleansing

The Ultimate Guide to Double Cleansing

The self-love and self-care practice has been so popular recently, especially with the present times being very uncertain and worrisome for all of us. We here at Joi fully agree on the importance of taking care of ourselves too, and we believe that anyone can start doing so by taking the simplest steps and actions. There are many ways to simply show some appreciation to yourself, like eating healthily, getting enough rest...but our favourite is to take care of our skin.

Taking Care of Our Skin
The most vital step would be to wash and clean your face. Our faces are like canvases and before painting on it, you would want to always start with a new and blank canvas. So when it comes to our skincare routine, we have to always make sure our face is all cleaned up and fresh. That means getting rid of all the makeup, sunscreen, sweat and impurities collected on your face throughout the day like dirt and pollutants. But the only full-proof way to do it, is to double cleanse and we mean it - No more makeup remover wipes and 2-in-1 facial cleansers!

So what is double cleansing? 

Well double cleansing first originated from Korean skin care routines and it basically means cleaning your face twice. Not with the same type of cleanser of course, but instead using one oil cleanser and another one being a water cleanser. Both of these types of cleansers play a huge part in cleansing the face - the oil cleanser breaks down oil-based products like sunscreen and makeup on the face, and gets rid of excess sebum. On the other hand, the water based cleanser removes any form of dirt and oil residue from the face.

Why double cleanse and is it that great?
YES, and it’s so amazing for some reasons.

  1. Double cleansing makes sure you get rid of every impurity on your face. Unlike using a makeup remover wipe and just using a foam cleanser on it’s own, double cleansing helps remove both oil-based and non-oil based products and dirt, but at the same time properly clean the pores of your face. By just using a single cleanser or wet wipes, you would not be able to properly break down the products you’ve used on your face and keep the pores clean.
  2. The method is made to be gentle and not irritate the skin. Using oil-based cleansers allows you to easily break down oil-based products and dirt without using harsh chemicals and ingredients. Plus, using two different types of cleansers help prevent you from overdrying your skin. Wiping your face with wipes and then washing it with just a water cleanser could be rather drying, and it could even hurt the protective layer of your skin. 
  3. It can be adopted by anyone as it caters to all skin types. Go for products that are gentle to your skin so that double cleansing won’t irritate the skin nor dry it out. Joi’s Coconut & Avocado Oil Cleanser & Patchouli Jelly Cleanser are ultra gentle and suitable for all skin types. Made from natural ingredients like avocado oil and olive oil, Joi’s Coconut & Avocado Oil ensures that all makeup and impurities get removed, but at the same time not clog your pores. On the other hand, Tremella Mushroom in Joi’s Patchouli Jelly Cleanser helps hydrate the skin and leaves your face feeling moisturised - No more squeaky faces that itch and feel irritated after washing.

So how about you take some time for yourself starting from tonight, and properly clean your face by double cleansing. We promise that you and your skin would love it - And with that, you are now a master of the double cleansing technique!

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