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Glowy and smooth complexion

The saffron face yogurt really makes my face smooth and glowy...highly regrets.

Moisture your skin with this!

Supple skin in just seconds! When use daily, you can immediately see the skin is so moist. At the same time, skin also looks brighter ♥️

Love your skin with Avocado Sunscreen!

Love love love it! The texture is so soft and lightweight. You may need to blend well as it has a bit of white cast. Bottle is also easy to carry.

My new bestfriend - Bakuchiol!

Seriously a must have if your age is 40 and above. I can see the elasticity of my skin and best of all, i fell skin is so moist! Plus, it is a safer option than the usual retinol. Try it yourself!


Prickly pear oil really does wonders to my complexion. I can see each day it's getting brighter and no longer dull looking skin.

Bakuchiol Skin Booster
Noor Hanan Mohd Yusoff

My skin tone become more fairer and i have both dry n oily skin so the bakuchiol actually help a lot in boosting my skin tone

Best deodorant ever for me

I’m a repeat customer for this deodorant. This is my 3rd bottle of using it. I have a sensitive skin and i do have eczema under my armpit. This deodarant does not irritate my skin during the flare-ups.
The cons is that it only available in a big size bottle. It’s a it inconvenient to carry while travelling. I would be glad if Joi could produce a smaller size bottle for this sensitive deodorant as well.

I have been using Joi deodorant for two years and never have i thought of going back to using normal deodorant sold in stores! I am more confident of myself out there, not worrying of my body odour and its natural properties made me hooked to it. Thanks Joi for giving us a great product.

Love it, Joi it!

First time using Joi deodorant and amazingly it’s works for me.
Odour away and most best part is it’s lighten the underams skin. Goods for sensitive skin too! To restock soon for others scents.

Best purchase ever!!

Who would have thought face oils will leave your skin feel hydrated all day?! I have seen my pores reduced significantly and my skin texture definitely improved.

Nice product

Great find!

I was so happy to find this in my local pharmacy in langkawi when I was looking for a natural deodorant. It smells great and is so effective. Just be careful to make sure it’s completely dry before dressing. Unfortunately it has permanently stained the armpits of a couple of my clothing items as I did not wait for it to fully dry. Otherwise it’s fantastic!

Natural Deodorant Bundle
Hazlina Hussein
Excellent package

Great combo of smells. Fantastic packaging, dun have to worry that it spills etc. Always a joy with Joi. Used it for several months and i don’t think i will ever switch to another. Its super effective.




Simple Loving It

This serum is definitely an excellent choice, keeps my face moist and easily penetrates to my skin. The best part is that the fine wrinkles near my inner eye, is slowly invisible, I am glad I made the best choice. Thank you JOI


Hi, hello. Saya dah cuba semua bau dan saya fikir lavender & bergamot dah paling best rupanya this one lagi best! This one kan bau dia sedap jugak, tapi JOI is deodorant jangan expect bau dan projection macam perfume. As long terminate body odor pun dah memadai dan harga berpatutan. Keep up the good work JOI team. Delivery yg sangat pantas bagai halilintar. Saya akan terus support InsyaAllah

Converted! Brilliant natural product for all the family!

We have bought all the scents and we love them as a family. We are know they are safe and friendly for our young teens and am impressed with the value for money! Thank you Joi!

Saffron Stem Cell Face Yoghurt
Rosdiana Sidi Davis
Smells heavenly!

I love the smell!! Moisturised my face and making my skin soft and supple especially when you combined with AHA oil (night). I wish it will come in a bigger tub i the future.

Mild Yet Effective

I didn't expect a lot from this toner but to my surprise, it does work in balancing my skin - the dry zone feels less dry while the oily zone feels less oily. It preps my skin well before applying the enzyme serum and I think they go really well together. My small face only needs 2-3 spritz per use, so a bottle could last several months. This is my second bottle and I got it for free during the 2023 year end sale. More reason to love Joi!


I have contact dermatitis on my lips and this is the only moisturizer that doesn't trigger a flare-up for me. My combination skin also prefers the lightweight texture conpared to the saffron face yogurt. My skin barrier has improved after consistent use (alongside toner & serum). A little goes a long way and this is my second tub. I use it only during the day while face oils at night because combining both would be too much on my skin.

Third Bottle

I started my Joi journey with Bakuchiol & Blue Tansy oils, but it wasn't until I began using this Enzyme serum that I started seeing promising improvements on my skin. Consistency is key! A bottle lasts around 5-6 months for me (small face) and this is my third.

Lighten dark underarm!! What are you waiting for?? A must buy..highly recommended product!!!

I have rashes & my armpit got darker & it's made me so uncomfortable. Tried 1 bottle of the deodorant (for sensitive skin)& I was really amazed with the result that only took 3 or 4 days which my rashes gone & it's really lighten my underarm! Will try the skincare later!!