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Amazing serum!

Love the serum, in less than a week notice my face looked brighter. Also got compliments from friends! Thank you Joi ❤️


I hv a sensitive skin.. as i got eczema too.. but this bakuchiol suits for my skin😘 no irritation so far.. i look forward to try other products!

Rose & Geranium Natural Deodorant

It smells amazing and it is really long lasting. I love this product, it's my first try for JOI. I love it and I would like to try the other JOI products soon too.

Joi Bakuchiol

This is probably my 3rd or 4th bottle, and definitely not the last! I like how it settles on my skin to hydrate it. Please keep the price just as awesome!

Skin Saver!

I'm on my 3rd bottle now, so you can tell i'm loving this. Although it's "oil" but i find it very hydrating to my oily skin. I used to have inflamed skin with tiny bumps over my forehead and cheeks. It slowly fadeaway when i was 3/4 through the 1st bottle.

Light but effective

The scent is not very strong but it's there. So far, works well even during and after workout. Doesn't irritate skin so no rashes even after sweating.

Love this toner

This is my second bottle so far. No complaints. Use it right after face wash, and I like to apply a second layer after putting moisturizer as my skin is dry

Lightweight moisturizer

Have been using this moisturizer for a few months. It is very light weight, non oily and suitable for my acne prone skin. The scent is mild

My 2nd bottle

Really suitable for my skin. Doesn't make my skin dry after used it.

Sensitive Skin Natural Deodorant
great for sensitive skin

i have sensitive skin. It's quite difficult for me to find the right deodorant. various of deodorants have been tried, but none of it suit with me. when i saw joi's ad on FB, i didn't buy yet. just read reviews about the quality of the product. when i tried for the first time, it turned out that only joi's deodorant suits my skin the best.


Lightweight toner ! Refreshing


Really like the Bakuchiol oil! Its light weight

Acne Trio

The product is really good! Helps to smoothen my skin

Dullness and uneven skin care set

it suits me so well, its been 2 weeks now, i can see the difference alot.
even skin


Amazing especially if you have sensitive skin!


I was surprised with this amazing deodorant. I never liked anything minty, but this deodorant really surprised. These days, this is one of my favourite purchase to the bucket list. Thank you JOI

Smell quite strong for me

Eucalyptus & Mint Natural Deodorant
Will be my fav deo

Nice smell

My 2nd purchased.

Smells amazing.
Joi has been my fav deodorant now!
Feels so fresh and minty cool.
Love it!

Regret-free zone😂

Really works on my skin. I used it after moisturiser in nightime only. it's really smoothens skin and decrease wrinkles.

Does its job.

Though you might not be so crazy abt the smell before application, it does its job. Still didn't smell gross aft The Eras Tour concert - ultimate stress test. 👍🏻👍🏻

Good for super sensitive skin

I purchase this regularly for my husband.This is the only type his skin can tolerate.Only the white one seems to be gentle to his skin.pls dont discontinue this☺️

Glowy and smooth complexion

The saffron face yogurt really makes my face smooth and glowy...highly regrets.

Moisture your skin with this!

Supple skin in just seconds! When use daily, you can immediately see the skin is so moist. At the same time, skin also looks brighter ♥️

Love your skin with Avocado Sunscreen!

Love love love it! The texture is so soft and lightweight. You may need to blend well as it has a bit of white cast. Bottle is also easy to carry.