A guide to daily skincare routine

A guide to daily skincare routine

With so many skincare steps being implemented nowadays, it’s easy to get confused on what step should be done first and which comes next. We got you Joi Fam - Here’s How To Layer Your Skincare 101!

First Step: Cleanser
Cleansing your face would help get rid of all the dirt, excess oil, pollution and dead skin collected throughout the day on the surface of your skin. You should always start with cleaning your face first because you get to avoid buildup from collecting onto your face which can lead to your pores getting clogged.

What we recommend: Coconut & Avocado Oil Cleanser and Patchouli Jelly Cleanser

Second Step: Toner
Toners assist your skin in returning it to its natural pH level. Toners also help in removing any residues left on the skin after cleansing and replenishes the skin’s hydration levels. Toners should be applied earlier on in the skincare routine because of its runnier consistency, which allows it to penetrate the skin more easily.

What we recommend: Coconut & Bamboo Hydrating Toner and the Aloe & Chia Balancing Toner

Third Step: Serum
Serums are made to treat and target specific needs of your skin, hence why they always consist of active ingredients. After prepping your fresh canvas with toner, serums are able to settle in the skin with much more ease and nourish the skin. 

What we recommend: Enzyme Instant Glow Serum

Fourth Step: Moisturiser and Face Oils
They help lock in the skin’s moisture and protect the skin’s natural barrier. You can use face oils only or add a moisturiser before face oils if your skin is really dry. Massaging your skin when you apply can help your skin to absorb better. 

What we recommend: Bakuchiol Skin Booster

Last Step: SPF
After applying all your skincare products, you would need to protect your skin. During the day, apply sunscreen to have all round protection from the sunlight and keep skin problems at bay!

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