Why you should keep your skincare routine simple!

Why you should keep your skincare routine simple!

You’ve heard of the trend - the 10 step skincare routine. Ranging from steps like oil cleansing, to essence and even to sheet masks each and every single day…this skincare routine will definitely be longer than cooking a meal. But we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to slave over the mirror and do more than 5 to 6 steps, to get that healthy and glowy skin you’re after!

Here are the reasons why you should just stick to a simple skincare routine!

  • The skincare products may not be working
  • There are a number of reasons why the extra amount of skincare products you’re piling onto your face isn’t making any difference. First of all, you might be applying too much products onto your face and that’s why they can’t penetrate into your skin. Different types of skincare products are made up of different bases and ingredients, and some of them don’t gel well with each other causing pilling to occur. Secondly, having so many steps and products involved in your skincare routine, would make it very difficult for you to grasp what works for you and what doesn’t - Could it be the new face wash you added? Or the different face masks you’re trying on every other day?

  • Your skin might be hating it
  • Using so many types of skincare products on your skin would definitely cause some irritation and effect to your skin, especially if your face is not used to it. Being made up of various ingredients as well, you might be allergic or sensitive to one of the many ingredients included in your complicated skincare routine. Asides that, combining many different ingredients on your skin is also a very bad idea. Without prior knowledge, you wouldn’t know if certain ingredients in your skincare that you’re putting on your face, might react badly when mixed with each other. This could lead to breakouts, irritation and many more.

  • You would be wasting a lot of time
  • Having so many steps in your skincare routine would take up so much time out of your day. Plus, you’ll have to carry out your skincare routine before you start your day and before you get into bed, so that means twice the amount of time you take for your skincare routine. So keep it short and simple, and you’ll still have the same results on your skin plus more time on your hands!

  • It would cost you a lot
  • It isn’t a surprise that having a lot of steps in your skincare routine would need you to have more skincare products. So that means, having to buy an extra few products every time you run out of them. Additionally, having a more complicated routine might confuse you into buying more than you need to.

    So here’s our recommendation!

    Just keep it simple with 5 to 6 steps for your skincare routine everyday, and we promise you would never go back to that complicated routine of yours. So just start off by double cleansing with our Patchouli Jelly Cleanser and Coconut & Avocado Cleansing Oil to wash off all the impurities on your face. Then follow up by toning your skin with our toners and gently exfoliating it with our Enzyme Instant Glow Serum. Next, don’t forget to moisturise your face with one of our very effective face oils (browse through them here, and pick the most suitable for your skin concern). Last but not least, if it’s during the daytime…don’t forget to protect your skin with SPF! 

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