The Benefits of Using a Toner

The Benefits of Using a Toner

TONERS - We know how we are all supposed to use it and implement it in our skincare routine, however does it actually bring any sort of benefit to our skin? With the rise in popularity of other skincare products like serums and ampoules, we tend to forget the importance of using toners in our skincare routine and, YES there are benefits to using it. 

Listed below are the amazing benefits the use of toners have on your skin:

  • Toners help clean any extra dirt and impurities left on the skin.
    In the past, toners were mainly used as a secondary cleaning step after cleansing your face. But with the double cleansing method being adopted into practice by more of us, toners may be seen as unnecessary when it comes to removing residues from the cleansing process. However, toners could also wipe off any excess face wash that wasn’t cleaned off properly, and we always feel that it never hurts anybody to take an extra precaution step.
  • Toners can help balance out the pH levels on the skin.
    Toners have always been specifically made to have a more neutral or slightly acidic pH level to restore the balance to your skin’s natural pH levels. This is especially important as post-cleansing, our skin tends to become slightly alkaline and with our skin’s pH level being thrown off, some side effects like flakiness and inflammation might occur.
  • Toners give your skin a hydrating boost!
    Most toners nowadays are made to be more hydrating than astringent. Being more runny in consistency as compared to other skincare products like serums and moisturisers, toners are easier to penetrate deep into the skin to leave your skin looking glowy and moisturised all day long. 
  • Toners help treat specific skin needs.
    There are various types of toners in the market, that makes toners so versatile and they can be used by everyone. Ranging from toners that are 100% natural like Witch Hazel, to astringent and exfoliating toners, to super rich and moisturising toners. Toners can address every skin problem and work well with your other skincare products.

Even with all the benefits, we must still choose the right toners that address our specific skin needs, but at the same time can be used by all skin types and is gentle on the skin. Here at Joi, our toners, the Coconut & Bamboo Hydrating Toner and the Aloe & Chia Balancing Toner are both super skin-friendly and are suitable for all skin-types. Not only that, they are 100% natural and can be used throughout the day!

So don’t miss out on reaching your skin goals and incorporate toners into your skincare routine now! Bye Joi fam, I have got to go apply some toner on my face right away ;) 

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